BeaconArts Artist, Supporting & Friend Members

Friends Level Members contribute at the $100 level or above throughout the year.  We will also cite supporters of our Annual and Year End Campaigns here, as well as supporters of Windows on Main Street.

Grateful Thanks to the following for their support:

*Matthew Agoglia / Website
Emil Alzamora / Website / Instagram 
*Edward and Betsy Benavente
Samantha Beste / Website / Samantha Beste began painting at the Art Students League with Isaac Soyer at the age of eleven.  Her paintings and prints speak of her deep romantic connection to all urban terrain, and to the great ancestral trail of urban artists. Samantha is a member of the Society of American Graphic Artists.
Elizabeth Birch
*Pamela Dailey / Website

*Brian DiFeo and Rowan Johnson

*David and Linda Eberle
*Kelly Ellenwood and Timothy Parsaca 
Diane Green / Website – Painting / Website – The Green School /I am a painter and have an art school that merges the visual arts with the healing arts. I teach a variety of workshops from an upcoming class called Tantric Drawing which will be held at The Beacon of Light Wellness Center to a Mixed Media- Balancing your Masculine and Feminine class. This second workshop’s location will be announced at a later date.
*Theresa Goodman
*Meghan Goria
*Julia Green
*Carl Gutowski
*Linda T. Hubbard / Website / Photography of the Hudson Valley

Christina Jensen / Website /Founder of classical music management and PR firm Jensen Artists

Diane Lapis

Scott Lerman + Susan Keiser / Susan Keiser Website / Scott Lerman Website

*Jeff McHugh

Karen Meyer
Katie O’Hagan / Website / Instagram
Linda Pratt Kimmel
Ann Rakoff in honor of the marriage of Stuart and Brigid Krimko
*Rosemary Rednour
*Jonathan Roberts
Scott Tillitt
Patty VitaccoContact
*Stuart Wilensky
In honor of Kelly Ellenwood and her work with BeaconArts

*Denotes  Annual or Year End Campaign Contributor

Artist & Supporting Members sorted by Last Name

Lindsey A. Abrams / Contact / Photography, abstract painter, poet
Hanny Ahern / Instagram /Works include New media and interactive artworks in form of hotlines, physical biofeedback responsive installation, traditional modes of drawing and mixed media, Video and Cultural production and community engagement.
Ori Alon / Website / Instagram / The Empowering Clerks Network (Center for Supportive Bureaucracy) is an international organization providing Playful Paperwork services to diverse populations. We offer pop-up office hours in various communities, schools, workplaces and events. Applicants can receive assistance from licensed Empowering Clerks and issue Joy Permits, Refurbished Report Cards, Forgiver’s License (Class A&B), Adult Special Achievement Stickers, DIY Certificates of Recognition, OK Parent Awards, Validation Tickets, Apology Declarations, Pain Deeds, True Friend Diplomas, Happiness Insurance, Free-Play Admission Tickets, Open Carry permit for musical instruments, Clown Visa and more. So far we issued and distributed more than 32,000 official documents.
We believe that the more paperwork – the better.
Michelle Alumkal / Instagram / Michelle Alumkal is an arts educator, editor and writer who has lived in Beacon since 2004. As a member of the education department at Dia:Beacon for ten years, she has enjoyed making the museum’s collection accessible to a broad audience. Her experiences leading tours for groups as diverse as second graders in the Beacon public schools or art collectors visiting from abroad, have led to a strong belief in the vital role of the arts in fostering a vibrant community. Michelle is currently serving on the BeaconArts Board of Directors
Emil Alzamora / Website / Instagram / Sculptor
Roger Aplon / Website / ContactExtensive publishing history – Twelve books of poetry over 40 years – Mustering What’s Left – Selected & New Poems 1976-2017 due may 2018 from Unsolicited Press.
Editor & publisher of Waymark – Voices of the Valley – A poetry magazine based in Beacon – This is the magazine’s fifth year – Issue #9 due December 2017 – Issue #10 due June 2018.
Elizabeth Arnold / Website / Instagram /2 and 3 dimensional work, mixed media collage, assemblage, photography
Kate Aubrey / Instagram /Designer and stylist Kate Aubrey is a unique multidisciplinary artist with a vibrant and distinct aesthetic. She works across the worlds of fashion, events, interiors and installations. Kate’s striking and playful textile art draws inspiration largely from her extensive travels and connection to nature; whether it’s the mesmerising snowfalls of Canada or the flamenco dancers and music of Spain. Willing to take creative risks and push conceptual boundaries, Kate loves working collaboratively with like-minded artists, designers and technicians.
Rhoda Averbach / Contact / Organizer and DJ for community dances in the Dutchess County area. People are also invited to join the Town Crier Dance Jam free Meetup group at:
Johan Ayoob Website/ Artist, Illustrator and Designer
Banana, Bag and Bodice / Website / Instagram / We are a Brooklyn and Beacon-based collaborative of artists/technicians that make live-event-theater-play-show-things. We mash together original writing, music composition and collective design in order expose and celebrate the inspiring awkwardness of being a human. So far we have made 9 unique shows that vary in style and scope – from large-scale spectacles (Sandwich, a musical about killing animals) to intimate portraits (Space//Space, a sci-fi study of claustrophobia).Sometimes we function as an anarchic punk band (The Fall & Rise of The Rising Fallen) and at others with the precision of surgeons sucking ether (The Sewers).Our design is inspired by the objects and materials thrown into the theatrical dumpsters of midtown Manhattan.Our elastic approach to creating live theater has one common goal – to entertain and confound through thoughtful provocation.

Beacon High School Drama Organization – “Beacon Players”/ Contact: Anthony Scarrone / Website / Instagram / The Beacon High School Drama and Theater Arts organization, Beacon Players, brings together students who share a passion for theater and performing arts. The organization promotes theater education, in the performing venue as well as technical theater. Theater education is fostered through major performances, conferences, trips, and student-directed productions that enhance the educational goals of the theater discipline’s courses and productions. Membership is open to all Beacon High School students who share the club’s goal of promoting awareness of theater and performing arts on campus and throughout the community.

Sandra Belitza-Vazquez / Website /My photographs take you on a journey highlighting the human condition, the natural world and the man made objects that define the world we inhabit.
Sheryl Bennett / Instagram /Miniature paintings inspired by Hudson Valley landscapes and scenes/locations from Beacon, NY
Karlyn Benson / Contact / Website / KB Creative Consulting. Current (2019) Co-President of BeaconArts.
Anna Bergin / Website / Instagram
Marc Bernier / WebsiteInstagram
Tina Bernstein / Website /Across places and seasons, natural twists of trees and branches, skin like textures of their trunks, vibrant colors of the earth, and life around me capture my imagination. I am intrigued by the similarity of nature and the human experience, which at times is fluid and rhythmic and in other instances reflects abrupt and surprising changes.
Samantha Beste / Website / Samantha Beste began painting at the Art Students League with Isaac Soyer at the age of eleven.  Her paintings and prints speak of her deep romantic connection to all urban terrain, and to the great ancestral trail of urban artists. Samantha is a member of the Society of American Graphic Artists.
Jose Betancourt / Contact / Painting
Jennifer Sarah Blakeslee / Instagram / Fine art photography, portraiture, and more
Steve Blamires / Contact / Historian, writer, international tour guide and expedition leader. When I am not working on small expedition ships I give lectures and presentations, just as I give them to passengers on the ships, on the history, art and cultures of the remote places and peoples we visit.
John Blesso / Website / Writer, musician, woodworker
Marika Blossfeldt / Website /Making life a work of art though creative nutrition and lifestyle choices
Hollis Bogdanffy / Contact
Michael Bogdanffy-Kriegh / Instagram / The objects and scenes depicted by my images are found during daily meditative walks. Images are recorded and edited as compulsion dictates. The resulting photographs sit at the intersection of observation, emotion and reflection.
 Kathleen Bosman / Contact Professional violist and violinist, teaching and performance. Faculty, Beacon Music Factory
Sarah Boyd / Instagram / Painter
Stowe Boyd / Website / Instagram / Advocating a walkable Beacon
Gary Buckendorf / Website
Elen Burch / Website / Instagram / Artist and Illustrator
Kit Burke-Smith / Website / Instagram /The shapes in my work come from everyday moments, like watching birds or afternoon shadows. I use traditional hand fabricated metalsmithing techniques to create in a new way. The result is timeless minimalist and sculptural jewelry made from sterling silver, 18k gold, neoprene rubber, and the occasional semi-precious stone or pearl.
Jean Brennan / Website  / Jean Brennan is an interdisciplinary artist who seeks site-specific opportunities for experiential learning and making. Her mediums are sculpture, installation and performance in a response to place—what we know about it, what lives there, and the built or natural features of site.

Inspired by ecology and thinkers like Donna Haraway, she considers how the poetics of visual form destabilize an anthropocentric view of the natural world. Recurring themes include a fascination with atmospheric forces, plants, phenomenology, color and the sublime. Her work takes the form of a lyrical essay loosely assembling scientific research, historical and pop culture references with personal reflection.

Dev Bruhlstone / Website / Instagram / Sculpture, interior appointments
 Erin Buckley / Website / Contact Erin is an actress, writer and content creator with experience in theatre and film. She is passionate about stories that empower, uplift and unite humanity.
Randy Calderone / Website /I’m a photographer that focuses on street and travel photography.
Randy Caruso / Contact / Transportation Art
Arabella Champaq / Contact / Instagram / Slow layers of color on canvas

Ira Chavis / Contact

Caiming Cheung / Instagram  / Jewelry, mixed metal arts.
Julie Chibbaro / Website / Instagram
Stephen Clair / Website / Instagram / Touring and recording artist. Beacon-based since ‘07.

David Clark / MODCRAFT / Website / Instagram / Modern dimensional wall tile

Valeria Clark / Website /My art is an expression of my spiritual life. I work mainly with oil paint and sometimes encaustic on a field of black with or without screen printing. Working from dark to light creates almost a stain glass window effect evoking a sense of inner peace. My hope is to infuse the viewer with a moment of single pointed focus.
Marieken Cochius / Website / Instagram /Subconscious, Nature, Science – Sculpture, Painting, Drawing
Tom Conroy / Website / I am a fan of all forms of art, particularly music and photography, and I have recently been taking art classes in drawing and painting. I am very drawn to color, nature, urban landscapes, odd shapes, abstraction, and ordinary scenes and objects.
Jessica Conway / Contact /I am a doctoral student and English educator at Teachers College, Columbia University. As part of my research, I play with a mobile Eye Tracker and think about the way reading the world is similar to reading a text. I am hoping to be in community with other local artists, educators, writers, and readers.I facilitate a free writing program for high school age youth at Howland Public Library. Contact me if you would like to volunteer to mentor and learn from young writers!
Rebecca Correllus / Website / Contact

Diana Currie / Contact / Project Manager 2018 Windows on Main Street

Deborah Davidovits / Website / Shadow play animation, drawing, mixed media.
Lisa D’Amico / Website / Contact / Contemporary Painting, Drawing, Photography & Mixed Media.
Ruth Danon / Website /I am a poet and nonfiction writer. I teach writing using improvisational methods. I offer small group and individual classes in Beacon and New York City.
Evan D’Arpino/ Instagram /Still Life and Fine Art Photography
Margaret DeHeus / Contact
Tiffany DeLaCruz / Contact 

Timothy DelaneyWebsite  /Award winning graphic designer and advertiser; watercolors, prints, drawings/ Check out his “Dummy Light” Blog

Mickey Deneher / Website / Instagram / Music Photographer

Thomas deVilliers / Contact

Angelique Devlin / Terra Firma Massage / Contact / Massage and energy healing; fertility coaching; custom ceremonies.

Jan Dolan / Website / Abstract painting, collage, and mixed media.

Virginia Donovan Website/Contemporary Painter
Kelly Ellenwood Website Contact / Singer, songwriter, actor, grant writer, producer, arts administrator. Ex-Officio, Past President of BeaconArts.
Tom Elliott / Contact
Emily Ellison / Contact / Children’s music entertainment and education programs – “Emily Music for Kids.”  Hosts the Second Saturday Hootenanny for kids at the Beacon Music Factory.

Jim Eve / Contact / Poet, Writer, poetry facilitator. “Calling All Poets” founder

Ronnie Farley / Website / Instagram / Black and white and digital photography, monographs, painting, mixed media, writing

Carlin Felder / Website / Instagram /Macro Expressionist photographer & mixed media artist.

Agueda Fernandez-Abad / Website / Singer, Voice Teacher
Donna Marie Fischer / Website / Instagram / Donna Marie is a Hudson Valley artist who has exhibited her work throughout the region since 2000. With a background in photography and graphic design, her work has evolved and now includes painting, sculpture, and mixed media. Color and texture are explored dynamically,in singular and multi-dimensional pieces. “My work is inspired by the contrasts and inner balance found everywhere in the natural world.”
Stephanie Fogarty / Contact /Paintings, drawings, mixed media, collage, usually but not limited to people. I basically paint whatever interests me at the time, which can include anything. I accept commissions for portraits of you, your family and your pets. PM me on Facebook, (Stephanie Fogarty) or email
Alyssa Follansbee / Website / Instagram / Paintings, murals, art installation.
Martin D. Fowler / Website / Instagram /MARTIN D. FOWLER is a composer & multi-instrumentalist who produces music for film, advertisements, podcasts, & records as Martin D. Fowler, WNNR, & with artists Arthur Moon and PLS.trio. Current project: ALLUVIAL (2019)
David Michael Friend / Website / Instagram / Sculptor, illustrator
Jonathan Frith / Contact

Pamela Garfield / Website /works in and on paper

Scott Garrity / Contact /Fine artist; Watercolor, Oil, acrylics, and pen & ink.

 Theresa Gooby /Instagram/ Artist, mixed media.
Liam Goodman / Website / Instagram /Photography
Maya Gottfried / Website / Instagram / Maya Gottfried’s books for children Good Dog (Knopf) and Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary (Knopf) have been written about by major media including Publishers Weekly, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and New York Daily News. Her adult non-fiction essay “Untitled,” published in the anthology Half-Life: Jew-ish Tales from Interfaith Homes (Soft Skull Press), was consistently picked as a favorite by reviewers. She has also written articles for many print and online outlets including Our Hen House, The Huffington Post, People Online, Lilith magazine, and
Cindy Gould /Contact 
Laura Gould / Website / Painter
Carl Grauer / Website/ Instagram
Diane Green / Website – Painting / Website – The Green School /I am a painter and have an art school that merges the visual arts with the healing arts. I teach a variety of workshops from an upcoming class called Tantric Drawing which will be held at The Beacon of Light Wellness Center to a Mixed Media- Balancing your Masculine and Feminine class. This second workshop’s location will be announced at a later date.
Amanda Gross / Website / Instagram /Spirited paintings, embroidery, + fine art prints reverent of wild nature, humor, + authenticity, and playfully irreverent of arbitrary social mores. Re-purposed materials used whenever possible.

Dan Guerra / Website / Contact / Instagram /I am a performer and artistic partner for Village Playback Theatre, New York, NY.

Beth Haber / Website /2 and 3 dimensional work,mixed media on mylar exploring “attachment”as process both digital and analog.
 Connie Hall / Avant Garde Restaurant (website) / Theater artist and administrator
Stephen Hamilton / Contact / Painter
Susan Happersett / Instagram / Painter
Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi / Website / Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi believes in the power of the spoken word to enlighten, educate and delight all who listen! For 23 years, she has shared the gift of story through performance, workshops, writing and story event production.

Erica Hauser / Website /Instagram/Owner of Catalyst Gallery, 137 Main St Beacon.

Sara Heaton / Website /Classical soprano specializing in opera, concert and recital repertoire. Currently a member of the Metropolitan Opera Chorus.

Amanda Heckle / Website /Acrylic painting and drawing

Kiki HeinckeWebsite /Graphic designer
Paul Hewitt / Musician
Laurie Hogan / Contact
Melissa Holland / Contact /845.0765.2425/Songwriter/flutist. Perform the best in pop, folk, classical and jazz. Piano, flute and voice teacher
Linda T Hubbard / Website / Photography of the Hudson Valley
Martha Humphreys / Website / Instagram / Third Muse Metal Arts – Humphrey’s work is primarily silver and jewelry, as well as other small metal works. She also uses alternative and reclaimed materials, as well as found objects and natural objects.
Dan Hunt / Contact
Lisa Irving / Contact /Through the years I have metamorphosed from a commercial artist to a fine artist. Painter, sculptor, drawings, ceramics and more. My most exciting project this year was a live art sculpture created in Haverstraw, NY.
Gwenno James / Website / Textile Artist
Thom Joyce / Contact / Instagram/ Musician and sculptor
Gemma Kahng / Website / Instagram / My paintings are inspired by nature, such as birds, animals and flowers
Debra Kaye / Website / Composer
John Keener /Musician; Drummer
Susan Keiser / Website / Susan Keiser is a fine art photographer whose work reflects her long experience in the arts and horticulture. Painter/poet, gardener/naturalist, writer/editor; she has always been concerned with the real-world expression of dreams, memories, and conceptual ideas.

Justin Keller / Website / Instagram /Private lessons in guitar, banjo, ukulele, saxophone, clarinet, flute, songwriting and recording.

Mandy Kelso / Website / Instagram /Abstract encaustic, oil and acrylic landscapes and portraiture

Tom Kenny / Website / Contact /My art work is mostly referencing the figure and landscape. I use paint, oil and gouache mostly, digital printing and other materials.

Nada Khodlova / Website / Instagram / Nada is a Dance/Movement Therapist and Ritual Dance Facilitator.  Traditional Balkan, Greek, Rom, Armenian, Near Eastern and modern sacred circle dances.

Margot Kingon / Instagram / Textile, multimedia art
Matt Kinney / Website / Instagram /Matt Kinney takes objects that create our physical connection with the Earth, our roots and realizes them in wood. He charges his work by hand carving the material to a high degree of refinement, balanced within the rough abstraction and natural state of the material in which the work is created. In the work August 19th, an axe is revealed, carved in high relief. Rendered in Black Walnut wood he embeds a steel axe head as a butterfly joint to reinforce the material and concept of the artwork. He uses traditional wood carving techniques, hand tools and sources locally harvested material where possible.
Eleanor Kleiner / Website / Instagram /Singer + songwriter with Franco/American folk duo, The Whispering Tree and outsider artist.

Barbara Koffsky/ Painter and printmaker / Contact

Robert Koffsky

Joshua Kogan/Contact
Laura Kohlmann/Contact/Watercolor
Tim Kowalski / Website 
Theresa Kraft / Website/Instagram /Creative professional with packaging, textile, graphic and interior design experience. My motto is: “Life is a package, whether it’s a book, a box, a bag or a house. It is all design.”
Pam Krimsky / Website /My paintings are representational. Most often, my subject matter is drawn from imagination, but I also work directly from perception, ranging from landscape, to still life and figures. I return to nature as a means of refreshing my vision. Both my drawings and paintings show a rhythmic response to nature, and I love to use color expressively.

Landscape Restorations / Debra Adamsons / Facebook / Phone /Contact /Design and Management using native plants and ecological practices.

Margaux Lange/Website/ Instagram / Jewelry artist

Carl Vane Lashua / Website / Poetry, Short Stories, Dynamic Sculpture

Gwen Laster – Violinist, Composer, Producer / Website / A native Detroiter whose creative influences come from the Motor City’s exciting urban and classical music culture, Gwen Laster started improvising and composing because of her parents’ love of jazz, blues, soul and classical music. Inspired by the challenge of “spontaneous creating,” she began composing for funk, rock and soul music bands outside school hours in various local bands she played. After earning a Bachelor and Master degree from UMich School of Music, Laster relocated to New York City and began collaborating, performing and recording with internationally-known creative and commercial artists including Anthony Braxton, Nona Hendryx, Aretha Franklin, Wadada Leo Smith, William Parker, Danny Elfman, Tyler the Creator, Gladys Knight, Emeline Michel, Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, Alicia Keys, Rhianna, Natalie Cole, Solange, Mark Anthony, J Lo and Shakira at President Obama’s Inaugural Neighborhood Ball. With this momentum, her composition practice began as a band leader, orchestrating for young players at Harlem School of Arts (director/Jazz strings), Creative Strings Improvisers Orchestra (founder), composing string arrangements for various recording artists, and writing songs/practice tracks to accompany her violin method book for improvising string players.

 Michael Latshuka / Website
Scott Lerman / Website /Photography at the intersection of Art + Science. Lerman creates photographs at the intersection of art and science. Whether frozen by an array of ultra-high speed strobes, stitched by a computational model, or captured by a hybrid of obsolete and cutting edge tech, his images reveal what is normally unseen.
Nancy LeVine / Contact / Website 1 / Website 2 / Instagram / Nancy LeVine will work closely with you to identify your photographic story, and to develop a plan for exploring it in greater depth and breadth. If you are just starting, or have a series of ideas or beginnings, we will set a course for expanding your project and discuss what might constitute a ‘complete’ story of your subject, or, if you have a long-term work in progress, we will look at your bank of images in connection with your goals to help you understand how to edit your work, and fill in gaps in your story. If you have just returned from a trip where you have taken many photographs, this class can help you select the photographs that best speak to your experience. There are always many stories within a journey.  Please contact me for more information about workshops.
Sheryl Levine / Instagram / Mixed Media Landscape and Figurative two and three dimensional works of art that is a fusion of traditional and experimental media, including acrylic, collage and encaustic.
Stephen Lewis / Website / Installations, inventions, interactives, retail store windows, creative coding, STEM.

Beth Lewis-Jackson / Painting and installation /Website

Amanda Light / Website / Instagram / Amanda Light is an artist and creative facilitator living and working in the Hudson Valley.Amanda’s art work displays a sense of introspective conversation. Utilizing a wide variety of mediums and exploration in technique, the work is an examination of the human condition, metaphysics, and transcendental views of human relationships with oneself, each other and the global environment.
Stan Lindwasser /Website /Abstract paintings on canvas, acrylic paint involving color, texture and spatial juxtapositions.
Elsa Lindy / Instagram
Marianne Loach
Julie Lockley / Website / Instagram /Julie creates whimsical illustrations of wise animals in digital ink.

Claire Lofrese/ Contact

Marisa Lomonaco / Website / Instagram / Jeweler

Jennifer Mackiewicz / Contact/ Fine Art

Sascha Mallon / Website

Stephen Mallon / Website / Photographer and Film Director / Instagram

Catherine Marra / Contact / My Brother Anthony Marra Jr. who passed in 2016 Oil, Acrylic, watercolor., also, my Photography in B&W and color.

Randall Martin / Website / Graphic Designer

Margaret McDuffie / Website / Margaret McDuffie is a songwriter and jazz singer based in the Hudson Valley, and as a former woodworker designs and builds drums and explores percussion. She has worked with a variety of regional players in club and private settings, and has a reedy, bluesy voice and unaffected approach that lends itself to folk as well as jazz. She is currently recording a series of CDs of original music, each in a slightly different genre, with shared themes.

Melissa McGill / Website
Josh McKible / Website / Instagram /Josh McKible DBA MCKIBILLO, I’ve been illustrating and designing since 2004. Everything I do starts by hand but is brought to clarity through clean lines and bold colors. I specialize in infographics, explainer videos and smart, conceptually driven images. Originally inspired by badly designed inflight air safety manuals, I’ve been trying to make the world a safer place through clear, concise imagery ever since.
Erin McNally / Instagram / Mixed-Media & Performance
Lee Meltzer / Website / Fine Arts and Photography

Donald Mengay / Contact / Ceramics, Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture

Lori Merhige / Website / Instagram /Beacon 3D 2015 / Beacon 3D 2014 /Mixed media sculpture and drawing
Trevor Messersmith / Website  / Instagram

Karen Meyer / Website / Instagram /Restorative Massage Therapist by day…newly returning to my art by night. Semi-precious beaded jewelry, mixed media…and wherever my mind and hands take me.

Jerry MichalakWebsite /

Karen Michel / Website / Karen works primarily in sound, making a living as a broadcast journalist covering culture/the arts for NPR and doing what she calls “performance documentaries” that combine sound, text, and image–my photographs, ephemera, objects gleaned primarily from dollar stores and souvenir shops.

Elizabeth Mihaltse Lindy/Website
Pamela Mijal / Website / Painting, Mixed Media
Donna Mikkelsen / Website / Contact / Instagram / Ambi-Play.  Ambidextrous drawing (using both hands at the same time) activates both hemispheres of the brain and it’s FUN!  Ambi-Play opens up pathways to the artistic process through experimentation, free flow and enjoyment.
Lukas Milanak / Website / Instagram / Handblown glass and sculpture promoting science, technology and wide-eyed curiosity.
Ivone Milani / Website / Instagram
Donna Minkowitz / Website / Donna Minkowitz is the author of two memoirs, Ferocious Romance and Growing Up Golem. The first won a Lambda Literary Award and was shortlisted for the Quality Paperback Book Club’s New Visions Award, and the second was a finalist for both a Lambda Literary Award and the Judy Grahn Nonfiction Award. Donna has taught memoir writing workshops for 20 years at venues including the 92nd Street Y, and looks forward to teaching them in Beacon. Her journalism and essays have been published in The Nation, Slate, Salon, the Village Voice, The Collagist, and the New York Times Book Review.
Bruce Molsky /Website / Instagram / One of America’s premier old-time fiddlers, Bruce Molsky transcends musical boundaries.
Andrea Moreau / Website /Drawings and paintings that respond to imagery found on postage stamps or other printed cultural artifacts. Through my drawing process I attempt to learn something about a place by studying its official imagery and then creating a world beyond the borders of its fragmentary scenes. The finished drawings and paintings are a record of this study; they are a dialogue between the printed and the drawn, the official and the personal, the real and the imaginary.
Eve Morgenstern / Website
Susanne Moss / Website / Cultural photographs of people, places and things from many countries around the world
Deirdre Mullane / Contact /
Ian Murdoch / Contact / Bassist, presenter, and arts administrator
Jessica Nash / Website /Instagram/Abstracted figures & nature combinations. Mixed media, painting, paper, collage, recycled art etc.
Terrell E Nelson / Website / Instagram / Video editor, videographer
Nilson Neuschotz / Contact / Digital Marketing and Advertising
Chris Neyen / Website /Chris Neyen is an artist and designer residing in Beacon, NY, whose works include painting, mixed media and photography that are conceptually based in specific dialogues of exploration. Chris is Associate Professor of Art and Design Mount St. Mary College in Newburgh, NY.
Jean Noack / Instagram
Pat O’Connor / Contact

Tara O’Grady / Instagram/ Website
Tara O’Grady is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, educator and author. In addition to her five albums of jazz, blues and folk music which she performs all over the world with her band[/box]

Dana Devine O’Malley / Contact / Instagram / Painting and photography.  Also teaches Baking Classes!
Ellen O’Sullivan / Website /Contemporary ceramics and furniture designed and hand-crafted by Ellen O’Sullivan.
Samantha Palmeri / Instagram/ Abstract paintings and mixed media
Sara Pasti / Contact / Former President of BeaconArts Community Association, Currently Director of the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, SUNY- New Paltz
Bonnie Peritz / Contact / Abstract mixed media painting/printmaking
Melissa Petanick / Instagram / Watercolor
Steven James Petruccio / Website / Instagram / Landscape and regional scene painting in addition to natural history illustration. Acrylic and watercolor fine art work. Watercolor and digital media illustration.
Amy Pilkington / Website / Instagram / Jewelry, Textile Art
Prudence Posner / Contact
Pam Pritzker-Ridley / Website /Fine art photographer and mixed media artist. An all around creative not bound to one medium.
Joseph Radoccia / Website / Instagram /Painter, whose works have varied in subject matter over the years, but all have explored the artist’s interest in various forms of intimacy. Currently, the focus of the paintings is portraiture.
Scott Ramsey / Email / Executive Producer, Global Head of Studios
Bert Rechtschaffer / Contact /Jazz Piano featuring jazz versions from the Great American Songbook plus jazz standards and Bossa Nova.
Sheilah Rechschaffer / Website / Visual Artist; painter.
Jon Reichert / Instagram / Website / Beacon 3D 2015 / Beacon 3D 2016 /media, paintings, sculpture and furniture
Nadine Revheim / Blog: Beacon Bits / Blogger
Jill Reynolds / Ten Willow Studio /  Ten Willow Studio is a glass design partnership specializing in architectural installations. We create museum-quality glass works that enhance and transform their surroundings. Jill Reynolds is an award-winning visual artist known for her innovative use of flameworked glass.  Also: hello-beacon-2163/
David Rich / Website / Drawing, Painting
Kalene Rivers/OPENSPACE Gallery & Thundercut Design Studio / Website / Instagram / Thundercut Art Installation & Design: We are a creative studio that is obsessed with ideas and execution. Graphic design and web design keeps us sharp and the bills paid.  Art, Projects and Events keep us happy and our souls fed.
Matthew William Robinson / Website / Instagram / Robinson’s recent series, “Tyvek,” references the vernacular architecture of Beacon and the act of renovating a 1840’s home in past summers. Impossible spaces, and different time periods of one architectural structure, imagined or representational, are depicted simultaneously in a singular composition.
Celinett Rodriguez / Facebook
 Rick Rogers / Instagram/ Mixed medium painting. Past President of BeaconArts
Mark Roland / Website / Gazing into crystal balls to divine the future.
Katrina Ross / Website / Instagram / Illustration
Peggy Ross / Contact
Philippe Safire / Website / Instagram /Philippe Safire creates interactive installations, websites, apps, lenticular prints and sculptures—designed with plexiglass and wood. For each piece Philippe incorporates an animation—designed with colored pixels—that serves to illuminate screens or three dimensional objects.
Gina Samardge / Website / Contact / Singer, musician, actress and teacher providing classes for children, school outreach and professional development for teachers in music and movement education.
Chris Sanders/ Website / Instagram / Painter, illustrator, animator, exhibit design – installed and virtual, Textile Special Effects
Akiko Sasaki / Website / Concert Pianist/Chamber Musician/Educator. Co-proprietor of Forte Piano Studio (piano lessons) in Beacon and NYC.
Cristin Sauter / Contact /Acrylic Pour & Metal Sculpture
Alexandra Scebold / Contact
 Melissa Schlobom / Website / Instagram / Printmaker, specializing in woodblock/linoleum relief prints. Installation work, as well as commissioned pieces.
Chip Schwartz / Instagram / Chip’s work is comprised of jewelry, sculpture, and functional hollowware and flatware. The forms and textures are inspired by nature, and in particular, those parts of nature that aren’t readily seen: single celled organisms, fungi, objects in space or deep under water.
Jill Shoffiett / Website / Instagram / A Mississippi native, moved to New York to earn her MFA from Pratt Institute in 1996. Jill’s drawings have been shown in many places, including the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Drawing Center in NYC. Jill’s ink, acrylic, and watercolor landscapes and interiors, while deeply connected to her Mississippi roots and childhood experiences, are narratives that reflect her belief in the universal human need to create, hoard, and devise systems for basic survival and identity.
Laurel Shute / Website 

Irina Siegel / CLOTH FACTOR / Contact / Cloth Factor is a new Retail Sewing Studio located in Beacon NY. Run by Irina Mozyleva-Siegel, the business offers custom made clothes, alterations, and vintage reproductions. Irina learned to sew as a necessity when she was a student at the Moscow Conservatory in the years following Perestroika, when every shelf of retail stores was empty. Once in America, Irina continued to study and pursue her first passion and profession as an Opera Singer, but still continued to sew. She has been involved with a number of exciting fashion and sewing projects, and is excited to announce her new professional studio at the Beacon Lofts where she is establishing CLOTH FACTOR – a new business, a new chapter of her life. Note: It is with great sadness that we report that Irina has passed from this life and is now free from pain.  We miss her – all of Beacon misses her.

Lauren Simon / Contact / Often Conceptual, but can venture beyond
Lauren Simonetti / Website
Zac Skinner/ Instagram/ Inter-connection is what I cultivate in my artworks. It has led me to create a political space where a viewer is engaged, but has the freedom to draw her/his own conclusion. It is a softer political relationship. I believe that for art to function in a non-polarized, intimate political way, it must start with a deep respect for the viewer. My work invites a viewer to participate on handmade chalkboards, incorporated within my visual cacophony of images, and objects, that draw from ecology, non-violent resistance, grass-roots movements, and Zen. Business Member Spotlight: Zac-Cam Studio
Greg Slick / Website / Instagram / Painter. 3D and Mixed Media.
Marisa Del Pozo Slick / Contact /Moody, painterly landscapes that reference the mythic past, magic, and surrealism.
David Smolen / Contact / Fine furniture, cabinetry and millwork

Amy Soucy / Website /Instagram/ Singer-songwriter; Evocative songs of life, love, and Earth.

Meghan Spiro / Instagram / Everything I photograph, I fall in love with, even if it’s just for that moment. Food, products, people, events – I capture the light and love behind the lens. I’ve been working as a commercial photographer and web designer in the Hudson Valley since 2006 for small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and non-profits.
Josh Spivack / Website / Instagram / Painting, Drawing

Jesse Stacken / Website /Instagram/Pianist, Composer, Bandleader, Educator. Co-proprieter of Forte Piano Studio (piano lessons) in Beacon and NYC.

Betty Stafford / Website / Instagram /Sculpture, assemblages, collages, and mobiles created from broken skateboards, scraps of wood, metal and found objects.

Russell St. George /Singer, songwriter, rhythm guitarist Last Minute Soulmates / Contact
Mary St. John / MODCRAFT / Website / Instagram / Modern dimensional wall tile
Bekah Starr / Website / Instagram
Jaci Stephen / Website / Instagram
Kathleen Stoutenborough / Website / Instagram
Jean-Marc Superville Sovak / Instagram /conceptual swiss-army knife approach
Betsy Swanson
David Swope / Website / Instagram /Painter, white charcoal on black paper
Harry Tabak / Website / Instagram /Environmentally based sculpture in wood, stone, recycled glass and other materials as well as digital art based on the sculpture. Additionally, interdisciplinary work in dance movement incorporating digital projections of the sculptural artwork.
Sonia Tay / InstagramCOLORANT – 145 Main Street, Beacon /Naturally dyed clothing and goods.
Chante Tenoso / Website / Instagram /Photography is my first love and doing mixed media collages is a close second.

Sarah L. Terrell/Piano Adventures Beacon / Website / Contact / Private piano lessons for ages 4 and up.

Antony Tseng / Contact
S Katy Tucker / Website / Instagram /Immersive video and production design for live performance, music and theater.
Alex Turk / Website / Instagram /Photography and ceramics.
Donna Turner /]

[box]Chris Ungaro / Website / Instagram / I design and build custom built furniture. I also do some sculpture, paintings, and other items. My work is a mix of practical items for the home and office and also artwork for the same. I try to bring an artistic aesthetic to furniture and furniture design often telling people. My furniture is the “collision of art & furniture design. I want my work to bring art and artistic design to practical usable items. Most of my work is one of a kind.

Bebe Vann / Contact / Portrait Painter
Lynn-Marie Veverka / Website / Instagram /Water Based Media paintings and portraits.
Robert Vye /Contact/ Furniture designed and built to order.
Marcus Westin / Website / Twitter / Drawings, writing, and computer software.
Susan Walsh / Instagram

Catherine Welshman /Website/ I make collage figures by using other body parts that have been cut up from other figurative works. Most have no specific gender or ethnicity. They are fun but also have a dark side. Most figures are between 15-24”. Mediums used are primarily oil paint, touché and fabric.

Beth Weintraub / Website / Instagram / Etched metals and works on paper, including monoprints, collage and printed etchings, 2D & 3D projects.
Anna West / Website / Instagram / Oil painter; Instagram guru
Carin Jean White / Website / Instagram / Theatre and Visual Artist- Carin is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her work most frequently revolves around themes of action, space, and memory.

Jessica Wickham /WICKHAM SOLID WOOD STUDIO/ Instagram / Solid wood furniture design and fabrication, using self-sourced and processed local hardwoods.

Shadei Williams / Website / Instagram / I Have This, This Doesn’t Have Me is all about being empowering and inspirational to anyone and everyone. It’s nice when I’m able to relate to those that need that boost of motivation but it’s also nice to speak about the trials and obstacles that I’ve been through primarily because most people looking at me are shocked when I share my story.
Amy C. Wilson /Instagram/Kokma – Original Art & Design; Toy Designer and Artist
Craig Wolf / Contact / Writer, journalist
Susan Wright / Website / Instagram /Beacon City Ramblers: folk music trio with Carla Springer and Rick Aparicio; Music teacher in BCSD.
Nancy Wykstra Website/ / Landscape photography
Kathleen Yacoe / Contact / Assemblage, collage, painting
Jayoung Yoon / Instagram/ Jayoung’s work draws upon diverse spiritual practices that emphasize clearing the mind and directing attention into the body to achieve a heightened awareness of the present. Her work synthesizes hair sculpture, video, performance and painting to create an immersive sensual and spiritual experience that encourages the viewer to rethink their own personal awareness.
Coulter Young / Website / Facebook /Oil painter specializing in larger than life expressionistic portraits, plein-air landscapes and sculpture.
Jodi Yeaple-King / Contact / Painter, Furniture Making; “Paint Parties with Jodi;” art instructor at MSMC
Lily Zand / InstagramSchool of Jellyfish – A design house for the advancement of sustainable living and renewable energy