Welcome to Beacon

Formed in 2002, BeaconArts (Beacon Arts Community Association/BACA) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that has promoted  and nurtured the arts in Beacon for over 15 years.

Our members include artists, galleries, specialty shops, restaurants, services, and other arts minded individuals, businesses and organizations who recognize the economic value in supporting local arts and culture.


BeaconArts is the artery through which much of the city’s creative efforts flow and manifest.


Our mission is to foster and encourage the advancement of the City of Beacon as a center for arts and culture. We work to enable resident artists of all disciplines to live and thrive in Beacon by widely promoting their projects and events, as well as to develop and facilitate inspiring creative experiences and programs that promote a vibrant community and enrich the lives of our local citizens.

Current Sponsored Projects + Project Directors:

BeaconArts is also the organizer of the Beacon Bicycle Christmas Tree with the City of Beacon (through 2018), The Beacon Bicycle Menorah, (with the Beacon Hebrew Alliance),  the Beacon Free Loop and Bus Shelter Project (with the City of Beacon and Dutchess County) and Windows on Main Street. These efforts are largely financed by membership dues and donations from our generous community.

To find out even more about our history and where we are going: BeaconArts 15 Year Retrospective


Membership + Meetings

BeaconArts’ Meet Ups are held on the last Wednesday of every other month beginning in January, and are open to anyone interested in learning more about the organization. Please sign up for BeaconArts’ weekly email newsletter at the top of this page, or follow BeaconArts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, for meeting announcements.  Learn more about Membership here.