3rd International Artists Residency

Scenic Hudson’s River Center (The Red Barn)

Long Dock, Beacon

May 15 – 29, 2017

12 – 6p everyday

Closing Reception, May 27, 2017

BeaconArts is pleased to sponsor the Third International Artists Residency in Beacon, NY, starting on Monday, May 15 through Saturday May 29, 2017.  The event is organized by artist, curator and Beacon resident, Basha Maryanska.

The Residency will have as its main hub Scenic Hudson’s River Center (aka the “Red Barn”), located in Scenic Hudson’s Long Dock Park on the Hudson River, walking distance from Metro North-Beacon Station and Dia:Beacon.

Artists will have the working and exhibiting space in Red Barn available every day from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  The public is welcome to come observe and interact with the artists. Each artist will have his/her presentation and we will be discussing current trends in contemporary Art in the US and around the world. Artists will be exchanging ideas and inspiring each other with their styles, techniques and creative ideas. The event will be featured in articles and reviews in Gallery and Studio Art Magazine in NYC and Poughkeepsie Journal by esteemed art critics.

Artists participating:

Virginia Donovan (American)

Helen Garcia (American, Spanish)

Elisabeth Frischauf (Austrian, American)

Basha Maryanska (American, Polish)

Neela Pushparaj (American from India)

Nick Shatford (New Zealand)

Kamila Wojciechowicz (Polish, Australian)

Ilona Wojciechowska (Polish)

Karl Volk (American, German.)

Agnieszka Zak (Polish)