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Submit your event to and we will do our best to include it on the website!

Please keep in mind that member arts-oriented events and news, as well as Beacon-community events are given priority. Members’ events only are featured in This Week in Beacon.  For information on how you can become a member of BeaconArts, click here.

Please allow at least 10 days lead time for time-sensitive events!

Please treat like any other press or media outlet (i.e. The Paper, Poughkeepsie Journal, etc.), and add us to your media distribution list if you have one.  We prefer text and a good jpeg image, or a link to an image. PDF images have to be converted, and will delay the process.

There are two kinds of listings: Events are more connected to a timeline and show on the events calendar. General Info which is more like news or editorial can be in several places. If your not sure, contact us with a brief description and we can guide you.


Based on specific Dates and Times. Falls under categories such as Art and Galleries, Music, Film, Dance, Theatre, Second Saturday, Meetings, etc

General Info

More general and without sharp timelines, this falls under categories such as News, Open Calls, Opportunities, Classes, Workshops, etc.

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You can also submit your event to ArtsMidhudson to be included on their calendar and newsletter: