Art Supporters and Related Services

Gabrielle Adonetti / Contact /Interests in writing, theatre, music and photography
Ori Alon / Contact

Jeff Blakeslee / Contact

Steve Blamires / Contact / Lecturer, historian on Celtic mythology, history and modern Celtic culture/arts
Steven & Shelly Blumenthal / Steven is a graphic designer and Shelly creates embroidery & sewing projects.
Ricann Bock / Contact
Stowe Boyd / Website / Advocating a walkable Beacon
Claire Browne Contact
Tiffany Joy Butler / Contact
J.C. Calderon Website / Contact / J.C. Calderon’s work in residential & commercial architectural design is focused on design excellence & sustainable practices to transform space and add value
 Ira Chavis Contact 
 Nelson Conde / WebsiteContact/ Photography and music/art events
Timothy Delaney / Website /Award winning graphic designer and advertiser
Joanie D’Emic Contact
Paul Ellis Contact
Patrick Freeman Website/ Woodworking
Bo Gehring / Contact
 Denise Gianna Denise Gianna Designs / Contact / (845) 216-4196 / At DeniseGiannaDesigns, we specialize in projects that can incorporate what you already have, express who you and your family are and define how you want to live and feel in your home. We pride ourselves on providing quality service and customer satisfaction regardless of budget size. Do you Like what you already have but are not sure how to arrange it? Ask about our quick change one-day room makeovers and budget conscious use-what-you-have redecoration.

From a small change to a total transformation, DeniseGiannaDesigns can give you the environment that you want. Let us know how you want to live, what you want your home to feel like and your budget…we will meet your expectations and create an environment that makes you feel fantastic!

Alan Goldsmith / Website / Art making and improvisational creative play for seniors with diminished capabilities: on-site sessions for individuals and groups; caregiver training
 Kiki Heincke / Website Graphic designer
Eric Jaeger / Contact
Eric James Contact
 Kelly Kingman Website / Community network for residents of Beacon

Christopher Klabes / Contact

Mary Ann Kronk Website/ Sewing and Embroidery Classes and Workshops designed to teach and promote increased interest in the Needle Arts
Carl Vane Lashua / Website / Poetry and Photographs
Linda Law / Contact
Jennifer Mackiewicz / Contact/ Fine Art

Donna Mikkelsen Website / Contact / Ambi-Play.  Ambidextrous drawing (using both hands at the same time) activtes both hemispheres of the brain and it’s FUN!  Ambi-Play opens up pathways to the artistic process through experiementation, free flow and enjoyment.

Jeff McHugh / Contact

 Terrell E Nelson / Website / Video editor/videographer

Timothy Parsaca / Contact

Sara Pasti / Contact / Art consultant
Prudence Posner Contact
Nadine Revheim / Website/ Blogger
Dan Rigney / Contact
David Ross / Contact / Visual art, curator.  David defines and establishes new art forms. Recently a new form has caught his attention: net art, artwork that uses the Internet as its medium. In mid-October SF MOMA unveiled its first net art exhibit at
Peggy Ross / Contact
Arien Rozelle / Contact Website/FeelingAnxious PR creates strategic, integrated and unique public relations and marketing campaigns that are tailored to best meet the clients’ objective. We pride ourselves on the personal attention we give to our clients and the creative touch that we put into each and every campaign.
Laura Sansone Website/ House-Wear is a design studio and research lab for handmade textile production. Our materials are sourced from regional farms and we enlist local factories, guilds and cooperatives in the manufacturing of our textiles. We use natural dyes and organic fibers so all materials are recyclable and compostable throughout the production process.
Kathleen Stoutenborough / Contact
Joan Unterweger  Contact
Carl Van Brunt Contact Website / Artist specializing in digital art.  Also an independent curator and Gallery Director of the Woodstock Artists Association & Museum
Alice Vaughan / Website / All aspects of bindery work: books, boxes, portfolios, repairs, works on collaboration.
Robert Vye Contact
Jane Waldrop / Contact
 Maureen Walsh /Website / Design consultant at The Design Library in Wappingers 
Jessica Wickham / Website /Solid wood furniture design and fabrication, using responsibly sourced Hudson Valley hardwoods. Specializing in use of the natural edge of the tree.
Amy C. Wilson / Website / Toy designer, artist
Lisa Zukowski / Contact