Art Supporters/Related Services

Stowe Boyd / Website / Advocating a walkable Beacon
Randy Caruso / Contact / Contact / Transportation Art

Maryellen Case / Contact

Ira Chavis / Contact

Nelson Conde / Website/ Contact/ Photography and music/art events

Rebecca Correllus / Contact
Pamela Dailey / Website / Contact / design : architecture : interiors : furniture : graphics : consultation
Thomas deVilliers / Contact
David Eberle / Contact

Alan Goldsmith / Website  / Art making and improvisational creative play for seniors with diminished capabilities: on-site sessions for individuals and groups; caregiver training

Cindy Gould /Contact 
Kiki Heincke / WebsiteGraphic designer
Sommer Hixson / Contact
Joshua Kogan (NODE) / Website

Jennifer Mackiewicz / Contact/ Fine Art
S.E. MacDonald / Contact/ Longtime supporter of the Arts: HVAG (Husdon Valley Artisans’ Guild), former Media Relations Chair of the Mid Hudson Graphic Arts Association (a local chapter of the International Assn. Of Printing House Craftsmen), currently a Member of Hudson Valley Pattern For Progress (organization founded in 1965 in Newburgh, NY).
Jeff McHugh / Mobile, Web, and Cloud application development
Donna Mikkelsen / Website / Contact / Ambi-Play.  Ambidextrous drawing (using both hands at the same time) activates both hemispheres of the brain and it’s FUN!  Ambi-Play opens up pathways to the artistic process through experimentation, free flow and enjoyment.
Deirdre Mullane / Contact /
Shannon Murphy / FacebookYoga Instructor
Suellen Nelson / Contact 
Terrell E Nelson / Website / Video editor/videographer
Sara Pasti / Contact / Former President of BeaconArts Community Association
Prudence Posner / Contact
Mark Roland / Website / Gazing into crystal balls to divine the future.
Peggy Ross / Contact
Kathleen Stoutenborough / Contact
Antony Tseng / Contact
Patricia Vitacco 

Susan Weiss/ Contact / Beacon resident, interested in support of artist community.

Lily ZandSchool of Jellyfish – A design house for the advancement of sustainable living and renewable energy